How We Provide Exceptional Service

We offer our students quality driver's education and training at affordable rates. Our extremely knowledgable and patient driving instructor, with his many years of professional experience, makes learning especially easy!

We'll help you get you ready for your road test so you feel confident at the wheel and ready to pass the exam with flying colors. Road Ready Watchdog Driving School will also teach you important defensive driving techniques so that you can become a safe and responsible driver.

Preparing for the Road Test

Our hands-on driver training is grounded in years of professional experience. At Road Ready Watchdog Driving School, you will enjoy working with out friendly and patient driving instructor, who is there to support you every step of the way.

There is no minimum number of lessons mandated by Florida law. However, we recommend a minimum of 6-12 hours for most first-time drivers.

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires that drivers between the ages of 15-17 complete 50 hours of behind the wheel driving prior to obtaining a driver's license. Of the required 50 hours, 10 hours must be after sunset.

If you have already passed the Written Exam - you may sign up for driving lessons. We have a certified instructor who will teach you everything you need to know about operating a motor vehicle.

The Theoretical Basics Consist of

  • State of Florida Traffic Rules
  • Traffic Signs and Facilities
  • Other Drivers (Characteristics and Behaviour)
  • Defensive Driving Techniques