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There are many urgent issues we face when it comes to driving. Road Ready Watchdog Driving School has had the opportunity to discuss some critical topics with the local media. The best driver is the most alert driver; the one who is watching traffic, road conditions, driver behavior, external influences, weather, visibility, the condition of his own vehicle, and is continually assimilating that information.

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Before your child starts driving, ask them to sign the Parent-Teen Contract


  • Teens have the highest involvement rates in all types of crashes.
  • Many fatal teen crashes involve excessive speed or driving too fast for existing road conditions.
  • 77% of teen crashes involved avoidable driver errors.
  • Traffic crashes are the number one cause of death among the children and young adults.
  • Young drivers are involved in fatal traffic crashes at over twice the rate as the rest of the population.
  • Teen drivers killed in motor vehicle collisions had a youth passenger in the automobile 45% of the time.

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